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Hello World!

I am excited to share with everyone a little bit about how I began my own practice, share some physical therapy insights, as well as any random things that may come to mind when I have the time.

I launched my own physical therapy business October 1, 2016.  I’ve been working 2-3 part time physical therapy jobs but I quit all of them and decided to go all into my business. It’s very exciting and also extremely frightening. I’ve already gone through many bumps in the road. But I can finally say that all the dozing off on the highway, lack of sleep, traveling from patient house to patient house, feeling like the work never ends is all worth it because I am now working my butt off to build my OWN practice and not someone else’s.

I’m just weeks away from obtaining the title of Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapists which is sort of a big deal in the PT world.  I am a 10 year experienced rock climber and 6 year experienced physical therapist.  I hope to integrate the two as I slowly build up Lee Physical Therapy!  Thanks for reading.


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